Many yet One

As many of you know, the Church of the Nazarene's General Assembly began on June 21st and concluded a couple weeks ago, June 30th. I was there over the middle weekend and have a few observations:

1. This has to be the worst week of the year, financially, for downtown Indianapolis Hooters.

2. Scott Daniel's forehead is a lot more imposing in person.

3. If every Nazarene were given a mobility scooter, the halls of General Assembly would be pure, L.A. rush-hour gridlock. It would also be purely amazing to see 95% of Nazarenes lose their sanctification over mobility scooter road rage.

4. There is no good answer to the question "are you staying out of trouble?" except, perhaps, "I have no choice," while showing them your GPS ankle monitor.

5. While many ministries were represented in the exhibition hall, no one, to my knowledge, has yet rented a space purely for personal promotion - an unfortunate oversight. (just imagine the booth: "Tom Taylor: the Man, the Myth, the Legend!") Also: a petting zoo would be a fantastic addition.

One rarely gets the chance to see and interact with this many Nazarenes in one place, but, as I stood and looked at the enormous gathering of my brothers and sisters from around the world; praying and singing in any of the several evening worship times, walking by the hundreds in the convention center hallways, conversing and eating in any of the scores of restaurants around Indianapolis, I was reminded of the personal yet corporate nature of the Church. Paul spoke several times in his letters about the Church as body, designed and built up to be in mutual service to one another and to Christ as the head (Rom. 12: 4-8; 1 Cor. 12:12-31; Eph. 2:11-22). Outside of the body, we whither up and die. And yet, Jesus often spoke of the value of each person individually. Whether through the parable of the lost sheep or the parable of the ten coins, Jesus made it clear each one is of eternal value and worthy of God's full love and compassion.

And, thus, we find the reality of this dichotomy: that each one is of infinite worth, yet, we are only actualized in our gifting, potential, and purpose through service in the Body of Christ. God's love for each individual is boundless and whole. Yet, that love is made manifest, both in receiving and reciprocating, only in the context of the Body.

So today, as you go about your activities and routines, remember His Body. In all of its weaknesses and imperfections, it is the conduit of forgiveness, redemption, and revelation; and the object of the Love of the Father. And, it is being joined together piece by piece into a holy building with Christ as its cornerstone. Christ has sought us out, each one by one, not so that we can live a life of holiness apart from the messiness of the Body, but so that His holiness might be the mortar that holds us together in the midst of the messiness. And we look forward to the day when we as the first fruits of the new creation will experience the full redemption of all creation and the Body will be actualized as His bride, preserved blameless for His coming.

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